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Affective societies, affected scientists! 5 Questions to Bilgin Ayata, Cilja Harders, Ricarda Ameling, bahar fırat and Idil Deniz Sakar

After eight years of intensive research, the project collaboration of team C01 with their current research on “Emotion and Affect within the Context of Authoritarian Transformations” within the CRC Affective Societies ends this summer. As a small farewell, they have given us answers to our “5 Questions…” series. 1.) Which research question affects you at … weiterlesen

Affective societies, affected scientists! 5 questions to Alison Rooke

The interview series poses questions concerning the role of affects and emotions in research practice and contemporary society to researchers on short-term visit and associate members of the Collaborative Research Center “Affective Societies”. Today, we introduce Alison Rooke who is a is a sociologist with a special focus on urban theory and creative research methods … weiterlesen

Mapping Media and its Affective Dynamics. Conference „Affects – Media – Power, June 29th to July 1st 2017, Freie Universität Berlin

The international conference “Affects – Media – Power” was organized by project B02 “Transcultural Emotional Repertoires in and through Reality TV” and the German Association of Communication Research (DGPuK) division “Sociology of Media and Communication” (in cooperation with the division “Media, Gender and Public Sphere”). Addressing affects, media and power not only promised impulses for … weiterlesen