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Diese Zeile steht in fetten schwarzen Lettern irgendwo in Berlin Kreuzberg auf eine Häuserwand gesprayt. Beim Vorbeilaufen freue ich mich, bleibe stehen. Aktivismus im Alltag. Aber was für ein Aktivismus ist das, der Aufmerksamkeit möchte? Bezeichnend ist, dass dieses politische Graffito mit der Ankündigung, in Zukunft weniger aktivistisch zu sein, unter der Voraussetzung, dass die … weiterlesen

Affective Politics and Political Transformation in Turkey and Egypt

What are the emotional and affective dynamics during and beyond the mass protests on Cairo’s Tahrir square and Taksim square in Istanbul? How do emotion and affect matter for political participation? What does this entail for more long-term transformations in both countries? These and other questions were tackled during the international workshop “Affective Politics and … weiterlesen

Affective societies, affected scientists! 5 questions to Alison Rooke

The interview series poses questions concerning the role of affects and emotions in research practice and contemporary society to researchers on short-term visit and associate members of the Collaborative Research Center “Affective Societies”. Today, we introduce Alison Rooke who is a is a sociologist with a special focus on urban theory and creative research methods … weiterlesen

Engaging the Elsewhere – Affective politics and political aesthetics across Muslim and Christian life-worlds: Workshop Report

How do people, things, and (ritual or devotional) spaces relate to the Elsewhere, and how are they in turn shaped by the Elsewhere in their everyday doings and being? What is our conceptual understanding of the Elsewhere and how can it be researched? How do affective politics and political aesthetics constitute the mutual relationship between … weiterlesen