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Algorithmic media and the becoming ir/rational of affect. A book review.

Affective Transformations. Politics – Algorithms – Media contributes to the growing academic literature on the relations between affect and algorithmic media. The anthology emerged from a conference organized by the Affective Media Studies research group at the University of Potsdam and includes critical and interdisciplinary, albeit predominantly philosophical engagements with the increasing automation and regulation … weiterlesen

(Non-)Sexual AI: (Un-)Doing Sex:bots (&& their User(s)) – Part II: Wo:manhoods Between Catcalls and Compliments

In the last part of this essay, I pointed out how entities (re)shape themselves and are (re)shaped by getting in touch with other entities, thus becoming constituents within a process of mutually felt co-constitution. Further I highlighted the necessity to take a detailed look at the variety of entangled constituents: how (im)mediate users co-create the … weiterlesen

(Non-)Sexual AI: (Un-)Doing Sex:bots (&& their User(s)) – Part I: Getting in Touch

“But you are a machine!” a classmate yelled at me during our final year in school, when I said that doing homework was not that difficult. At the time, I was working mostly night shifts, so I was awake on Fridays from 6.00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m. the next day, followed by another night shift … weiterlesen