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(English) Unravelling Silence from a Psychological Anthropological Perspective

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar. Der Inhalt wird unten in einer verfügbaren Sprache angezeigt. Klicken Sie auf den Link, um die aktuelle Sprache zu ändern. “I can tell you that. But nobody else talks about what happened.” (Mr. N – go-along 2016) Using a psychological anthropological approach to silence, this essay … weiterlesen

Affective Arrangements in Mental Health Care Settings – Conference Report

The international and interdisciplinary conference “Affective Arrangements in Mental Health Care Settings” attracted scholars, practitioners and other interested audiences to convene and discuss the applicability of Affective Arrangements, a concept developed within the CRC 1171 Affective Societies: Dynamics of Social Coexistence in Mobile Worlds. The event took place from September 24th through September 26th in … weiterlesen