Emotions and affect are not just something on the fringes of society; they form the basis for every kind of social activity. They enable social cohesion and solidarity on the one hand, and can create exclusion and isolation on the other. The collaborative research center (CRC) “Affective Societies” at Freie Universität Berlin studies the fundamental importance of affects and emotions for the social coexistence in mobile, interconnected and mediatized worlds of the 21st century. It is aiming to establish a new long-term understanding of societies as affective societies.


The editiorial board of the AFFECTIVE SOCIETIES BLOG:


Theresa Schütz, B03 Reenacting Emotions II

Verena Straub, B01 Affektive Dynamiken von Bildern im Zeitalter von Social Media

Sara Maatz, A03 Mixed Feelings – Shared Feelings

Ana Makhashvili, B02 Journalism and the Order of Emotions

Juliane Gorke, C05 Theatre as an affecting and affected institution

Eva Riedelsheimer, Public Relations CRC

(mentor) Prof. Dr. Doris Kolesch, B03 Reenacting Emotions II

(adminstration) Dr. Katharina Metz, CRC coordinator